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SNOW WHITE - Powder Pigment

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  • ‘Snow White’ is a subtle white satin pigment with a hint of shimmer to give it the perfect glow. This pigment is very versatile and can be used to create many amazing makeup glams.

    INGREDIENTS - (Mica, Fluorphlogopite, Calcium Borosilicate, Tin Oxide, Silica)

    - VEGAN

    NOTE: Each pigment container will contain at least 2 grams of product. Please be aware that different pigments have different weights. Some containers will be less full than others depending on how much they weigh.

  • HOW TO APPLY: For the best result, our Powder Eyeshadow Pigments look and apply best when a tacky base such as an eyeshadow primer or a mild pigment glue is applied underneath. We highly recommend this step. This helps the pigment have its intended and best effect, as well as to stick and stay in place all day/night. For the most intense look, apply the pigment with a small, dense, flat brush to cover all areas intended.