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KMH Cosmetics

About Us

KMH Cosmetics was founded in 2020 by a girl who followed her dreams of becoming a makeup artist and one day, owning her own cosmetics brand. After doing makeup professionally for 3 years, she built up the courage and motivation to turn her ideas into a reality.

Having so many similar brands on the market today, she wanted to stand out and be that slight bit different with the colourful range of colours and quirky packaging. However, she still wanted to be able to give everyone what they want; luxury products at an affordable price. Her aim was to provide the highest quality products that suit all individual preferences without breaking any banks, in order to fill a small gap in the market.

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After a long time of testing and trying different quality ingredients and materials in order to offer 100% cruelty free products, the young girl had her mind set on the importance of quality and cost, and is proud to offer you, KMH Cosmetics.