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Beauty Blemish Blender

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  • How To Use
  • The softest sponge you’ve ever felt! Our Beauty Blemish Blender (BBB) will give you the most flawless, blemish-free base with its soft and flexible surface being able to cover every inch of the face, and in the creases. Our BBB can be used to blend foundation, concealer, cream contour, and even to press setting spray into a finished face to provide an airbrush finish.

    - Take your BBB out of its packaging.
    - Rinse and squeeze your BBB under water until it has reached its full size capacity.
    - Squeeze out your BBB with your hand, then pat dry with a towel to get rid of any extra moisture.
    - Once you have finished using your BBB, wash with brush or sponge detergent and repeat until the water runs clean. Sit on towel to dry.